Catel-Manzke Syndrome: Our Journey

The road to adding John to our family was a long and difficult one. Thomas and I actually just decided to start trying right before Joseph turned 2 yrs old. Right as we decided is when we learned we were having our first of several miscarriages. We finally learned we would be welcoming a healthy child … Read moreCatel-Manzke Syndrome: Our Journey

Sleep Study Results

  Joseph started 1st grade this year. He was all excited to go. It seemed like he was trying to tell Thomas, John, & I all to leave the room as soon as we walked in. His most exciting thing from the first day was in Science class was they mixed Lemon soda with pixie … Read moreSleep Study Results

Sleep Study

John's Sleep Study

Tonight’s the night! We’ve waited for what seems like months for this night. John is finally having his sleep study at Texas Children’s in Houston.

He’ll monitored until 6:30am. The above photo was taken before he was connected to their wiring and a nasal canula for O2. The staff says he’s the youngest patient they have tonight.

They’ll be looking for apnea events as in how many, how often, and severity. We’ll hopefully have the results by next week.

That is all.


Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

John’s sleep study has finally been scheduled! We have also managed to get it scheduled a lot sooner than Texas Children’s was giving us originally. When I called on Monday to see if they had started scheduling I was told I had two options.

1) I could go to the main campus and wait till October/November (like we had originally been told).


2) I could go to the west campus and have it scheduled for August/September.

We went for the west campus. On August 26th at 6pm we have to report to Texas Children’s West Campus in Houston. I am extremely excited that we have managed to get this scheduled. It feels like a huge weight of uncertainty has been lifted off my shoulders.

Nurse & Patient
Nurse & Patient

My mom has officially moved down as of Sunday to take the position at Angels of Care to take care of John. It is nice having her down so she can help with him. Another plus is she gets to spend some time with her other grandsons.

Now the search is on to find a bigger place since we needed one before she moved here. So please pray that we may find one in our price range as well as a sub-leaser for our place at the same time.