Special Need Mothers do nothing?

Quick update on surgeries. Everyone did fine. Alexander & Joseph did wonderful with their ear tubes. John did well and Dr. Powitzky did above and beyond helping get John into the Operating Room.

Now onto another subject that I need to address.


So apparently it has been brought to my attention that Special Need Mothers “never watch their kid” if you decide to have a nurse to help whether it be day or night assistance. If you have a day nurse to help take care of your child it is so you can do any of these:

  • You can work.
  • Be able to run errands without lugging all the equipment & life saving materials with you for your little one.
  • Function as a wife/mother/human being as normal as possible.
  • Be able to take care any other children you may have without compromising the safety of your special needs little one.

If you have a night nurse to help take care of your child it is so you can do these:

  • Sleep
  • Not worry about compromising the safety of your little one. Since anything can happen at any time. IE: 3 times John has needed to be bagged for extra breathes because he was not breathing.
  • Have someone awake at all times just in case something does happen to your little one and they can react faster.

I know some parents may not get nursing hours or choose to have nursing help. That is totally their choice. However with our family, it is better for us to have and use those nursing hours. I am able to participate in therapy and doctor appointments for John without the stress of if for some reason one of our other children have something that I would like to attend that I may have someone to watch him.

So I beg of you, if you ever thought a Special Needs Mother “never watches their child” due to having a day or night nurse. Get that thought out of your head very quickly. Or at the very least NEVER vocalize this to the mother. I can guarantee you that the full on Momma Bear will come out. I do more for John than more people could imagine. I understand somethings are about “being a parent” but if you are burning the candle late in the night just to keep your child alive. I know it is very hard to function, ask the right questions to doctors/therapist, catch the beginning of problems with your little one, participate in therapy, make those several phones calls each day/week/month about your child/supplies/equipment/insurance, etc…

I never have said that I am 100% Strong Enough to handle everything on my own. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength- Phil 4:13 Thanks to Christ, my husband, my children, family, and friends I am able to be Strong Enough.

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