So busy

Life has been a bit busy. Sorry for the lack of updates.

Thomas was admitted into the hospital on 9/20/16 to 9/27/16. He was admitted due to having a problem breathing. After some x-rays, CT scans, and low oxygen levels he was admitted for the doctors to try to find out what was wrong with him. Thomas got IV antibiotics, blood drawn for variety of tests, and even a bronchoscope to take a sample of the nodules in his lungs. Lupus as well as many other things have been ruled out. However, we are still searching for answers.

John has learned a new word. Nay Nay (my mother) on 10/8/16.

John recently was evaluated for an Assistive Technology on Thursday during his Speech appointment. He was approved. This will help with his frustration of not being able to communicate with us on what he is wanting. It will take several weeks before we can get it since they have to go through all the insurance/funding stuff then actually creating the device to fit his needs. Below is an image of how it may look like.

Assistive Technology


Joseph joined Cub Scouts and is really excited about it.

My little Tiger Cub
My little Tiger Cub


Also Joseph lost his first tooth. He was visiting Aunt B (my sister Rebecca) and she managed to let him have her pull the tooth out. He was excited that it was his first tooth that he lost of course.

Joseph Lost his first tooth

John learned another new word on 10/17/16. This is a word that I have been working with John for over a year to hear him say. I have waited 2 yrs 7 mons 24 days for this exact moment!!!! I was overwhelmed with this great sense of relief that he was able to say it, that feeling at the same time the achievement feeling of what I felt was a struggle for him, the joy of a mom finally hearing those words from their child, and the sense of relief/joy of actually being able to hear them vs reading his lips.

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