School Year has begun

School Year has begun

John Pre K Joseph 2nd

We’ve started school as of Monday! It has been busy with getting all the items the school needs for each kid. All the forms that every school needs is coming home and I have been busy filling them out. Also there are some more forms John needs to start with speech at school, and having his home health nurse in the classroom as well as on the bus for the one on one care he requires with his medical needs.

John is loving riding the bus to and from school. I think it really helps with knowing his morning bus driver from church. As well as all of the preparation talks we had over the past few months getting him ready. He is trying to adjust a little with the more structure environment  with school. I am hoping giving a few more weeks that he will be able to adjust fully. This week he was hit with a lot to adjust to: bedtime at a certain time, waking up at a certain time, school bus, new environment with structure, new kids, etc.

Joseph is loving 2nd grade too. He is excited that he gets to walk to and from school with mommy. We use that time to talk a little about different things happening throughout the day. I am however really proud of him today. He told the cross walker that he did not feel safe traveling home alone when he did not see me. I was a little further down where I guess he couldn’t see me easily. But that did make me feel happy and proud that all our talks about safety have been engraved into his brain.

A little update with Hurricane Harvey, (I will have another blog post with what I have been upto with more in depth info). We are safe. We did get a lot of rain last weekend. My sister, Rachel, did travel to San Antonio and Houston area to help with evacuation with her work. She is back home and safe (praise Jesus). I am proud she did go and help though.

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