Our 2nd Home “Hotel McLane”

Our 2nd Home “Hotel McLane”

Big Thanks!

Thanks everyone for the prayers, texts, calls, and messages over the past few days with John being in the hospital.

John Snuggling with Curious George

It wasn’t anything we expected or even wanted obviously. He had been sick for most of the month of April. Antibiotics on April 4th, and then again on April 13th it just felt like a never-ending cycle.

On Friday, April 29th, he started running a 101-102 temp. Then over the night he was unable to really settle down and keep any of his feeds down. I made an appointment that Saturday morning to get him checked out.

Joseph and John Playing
Brothers playing

John was admitted to McLane Children’s Scott & White Hospital in Temple shortly after his appointment. It turns out he was dehydrated, and battling three viruses (Rhinovirus, Human metapneumovirus, and Boca virus) plus viral pneumonia. Anti-biotics wouldn’t have been helping in this case. After 24 hrs of IV fluids, some IV antibiotics (just in case), and every two hour abuterol treatments he finally started to act more like himself.

We stayed one more night because they were hoping to get another culture back as well as make sure he was truly 100% better.

Ronald McDonald stopped by to visit
Ronald McDonald stopped by to visit

(LR) John, Alexander, Joseph

On to some other news.

Alexander will be going in for ear tubes on Friday, May 6th. Then both Joseph and John will be going in on Tuesday, May 10th, for tubes. John will also have his tonsils, adenoids, bronchoscope, and possibly the granduloma tissue in his trachea wall removed. His doctor first saw that back on January 5th, but he felt it would cause more damage than good trying to remove it at that time. John will also be staying in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for the night due to risk of bleeding.

Also y’all may remember I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand almost three weeks ago. Everything went as well as could be expected. Dr. Weber had to cut a little bigger and deeper than originally anticipated. I’ll see him on Thursday to have my stitches removed.

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