My first 5K

My first 5K

I did it, everyone! I did my very first 5k.

I had set out at the beginning of this year with a goal to start walking more. I wanted to do at least 1 mile a day. Then by originally summer time I wanted to do a 5k. Even if I was just walking the whole thing, I wanted to do it. Now I can officially cross it off my list. Next year my goal is to get in at least 2. The first one I will work on running at least some of it. The second will be just to beat my time from before.

The 5k Zombie Run was local in Troy. It was a fundraiser type for the Class of 2020. So the Zombies that where there were members of that class. Also it was a fairly easy 5k to be my first. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Here below are some photos of the Zombies at the event.

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