May 9th – “Meyii”

John David Miller, photo taken May 9th

John is continuing to improve with his feeds and breathing. We’re still waiting to see how the procedures have affected his weight gain.

Thursday (today) was the first full day of his new feeding schedule. He’s currently on IV fluids and oxygen, although both are expected to be decreased and removed within the next few days if his weight improves.


One quantum of solace from this whole experience has been the on-site Ronald McDonald House Family Respite Room, or “Ronald Room”, which provides a few basic comforts of home. We tend to take items like coffee, a shower, and washing clothes for granted.

You’ll often meet parents who are in the same situation. Let’s take “Meyii”. Her 20 day old son is sick, and is on the same floor as John. “Meyi” is from Honduras, but lives in central Texas. She appears to be in her late teens or early twenties, but you can tell she is under stress. In her broken english she asked if I was a Christian. To which I responded “Yes, I’m a Christian, Baptist to be specific.” She asked if I was a minister. “No… far from it” I said. I asked her about her faith and she said she too was a Christian and Baptist. She was wanting to speak to a Baptist minister. I helped her make coffee. After she left I asked the front desk to locate their on-staff chaplain. I’m hopeful they followed up.

I ended up coming back for the remainder of the day since I haven’t seen Alex or Joseph since Tuesday. We hope to make another trip or two over the weekend.


McLane Children's Hospital, Temple, TX
McLane Children’s Hospital, Temple, TX

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  1. You are all in our prayers! By the way, I love the way you found to share John’s progress. Also, we will keep Meyi in our prayers, as well. God’s blessings!

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