May 8th – Evening Update on John

We decided to use our blog page vs. CaringBridge or Facebook.

John’s breathing tube was finally removed this morning and he was able to eat about 30 mils at around 2:45 this afternoon.

The Speech Pathologist wanted to personally feed him.

He took it well, and now we wait to see

if he gains weight as they slowly increase his feeding amounts every 3 hours.

Chillaxin' after a rough day.

At around 6:15 this evening he was moved from the PICU back to the 5th floor where he started.

He’s still taking IV fluids and is using a nasal cannula for oxygen.

We’re still not out of the woods yet, but things look promising. The surgery to correct the collapsing larynx appears to have been successful as his breathing has improved.

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