May 26th – Tired


John did manage to put back on about 60 grams at today’s weigh-in. His surgeon was never able to inspect his g-tube site so it’s unknown if there are any issues referring to the leakage and balloon losing water. That should happen tomorrow. There is a glimmer of hope he may get to go home on Tuesday assuming the balloon issue isn’t severe, but he’s also still battling the “rhinovirus”. We’ve had two different answers on if he’d go home. When he had this issue last week they said that the issue usually peaks after the 3rd day and they’re not as concerned afterwards. We’re just tired and would like to have a set end date.

Also, his grandma came by for a visit, I’m supposed to refer to her as “Nay, Nay”, but it makes me think of the sound a horse makes.

That’s really about it.




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