May 22nd – 8.4


John gained 40 grams last night. This brings him back up to 8.4 lbs.

His GI doctor believes his slow weight gain my be metabolic or genetic related. A stool sample has been “donated” to check for malabsorption issues and a few other related issues.

The ENT doesn’t believe he will require oxygen when he returns home, but he may require a pulse oximeter in addition to his apnea monitor. He’s still going to have a sleep study, but since he had been sick they need to wait a little longer. We’re looking about 2-3 weeks before the test.


Tests on his kidneys, thyroid, liver, muscle inflammation, and a few panels have all returned with normal results.

Early next week his team will reassess his weight to make a determination on about when he can leave. As of today, we’re looking at about a week, but that may change.

Pray and think happy thoughts!


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