May 20th – Esperamos


We didn’t see any weight gain this morning.
That’s the most frustrating part.

His doctors have increased his overall intake to see if this helps.
In order for him to go home they’re looking for two consistent days of weight gain, back-to-back.
Each time there is a setback the clock resets.

Not "all smiles" today
Not “all smiles” today

Overall he’s actually in good health and is getting nutrients, it’s simply the weight.
They’re going to rerun a few of the metabolic and glucose tests tonight and tomorrow.
His team also wants to rule out cystic fibrosis.

In about a week he’ll be taken to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston for a sleep study.
It’s a follow-up from his larynx surgery.

Chillaxin, probably watching his soaps.
Chillaxin, probably watching his soaps.

Finally, it appears that his g-button has caused an irritation. The surgical team isn’t too concerned.
Apparently his g-button is just a little too big for him, but it should settle over time.

Jacqueline really wants out. She’s been with him in the hospital since May 2nd.
She could use a few calls, emails, and some book suggestions too.

Email me if you don’t have her contact information.

As for me, I’m ok.
Jacqueline’s mom came down from Denison and has been helping out by watching Joseph and helping with Alex during the day.
Unfortunately, she returns to work tomorrow, but we’re ok.

We’re receiving wonderful support from my co-workers and our church.
In fact, a few members from church will be helping us by watching Joseph for the next few days.
I can manage to get Alex to and from school and handle things like cooking, baths, and homework in the early mornings and evenings.

That’s it for tonight.


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