May 11th – G-Button

John - May 11th
John David Miller – May 11th, 2014

Nothing really new today. John’s dayside doctors didn’t calculate his calorie/volume to determine if he’s taking in enough so this will be calculated tonight. They are expecting to make a decision on Monday whether or not he’ll need a “g-button” (surgically implanted feeding tube).

This will be based on his overnight weight. It’s not preferred by us, but they’ve been talking about a tube since he was born and we’re running out of options. The bigger issue is that even with a tube last week, he wasn’t gaining weight. They’re trying to figure out where the calories are going, and so far, the usually places are turning up negative.

If anyone wishes to visit or contact Jacqueline, send her an email at (
She hasn’t had many visitors. They’re at McLane Children’s Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX.


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