I know I usually post about what is going on in our life or updating about John. However, this time I am going to be taking a little change of a pace.

Joseph is my firstborn. He came into the world on August 6th, 2010.

I was working at Sears Portrait Studio as a seasonal photographer. It was my second year with them. I was not feeling well near Thanksgiving. I went to the local urgent care and got some meds for bronchitis. Just a few weeks later I still was not feeling better. I was also extra hungry for some weird reason. My co-workers started trying to tell me I was pregnant. I totally did not believe them of course. Thomas and I got a pregnancy test to prove them wrong. Well, it was more like it proved us wrong when it showed positive.

We had a rough road bringing him into the world.

I woke up in the middle of the night in early February to what we thought was a miscarriage. Even after visiting the ER and being told we were having a miscarriage. We went all weekend with the fear of losing our little one. We saw the high-risk OBGYN that Monday thinking we were going to have a confirmed miscarriage. When we heard his strong heartbeat it was just a HUGE sigh of relieve. I literally burst into tears. The sound of his heartbeat will always ring in my ears after being told he will no longer be here.

I saw a special high-risk OBGYN due to a previous abnormal pap smear the summer prior to getting pregnant with him. Dr. Hermann put me more at ease with being a supportive doctor who was willing to see me and answer any questions anytime.

I had to be put on bedrest at 24 weeks (May) due to my cervix trying to thin out and open way before it should have started to happen. Even though it was for 12 weeks at just level 1 bedrest, It felt like an eternity. Thankfully I had church members, fellow co-workers, and friends to help me pass by time with movies, tv shows, and books.

At 33 weeks (early June), I started to have regular contractions. I had to go in for steroid shots and a couple of stress tests to make sure everything was ok. Also if for whatever reason he did come early the steroids were to help for his lung development. At 36wks I was awarded by Dr. Hermann by being off of bedrest. The following week. I was in labor with Joseph. I called Thomas from work around 7-8pm. When we arrived at the hospital, I was brought up to labor and delivery. Dr. Hermann was originally not on call for the night shift. However, he was in the operating room performing a c-section on another mother. After asking the nurses to please ask him to stay for him, he agreed. I was very grateful and thankful he did that for me. It helped me be more at ease with Joseph coming into the world with having my doctor there. Shortly after being brought to labor and delivery my water broke.  At 4:30 am I was woken by a nurse stating I needed to rotate and she was taking my vitals. My epidural at the time was starting to not work. I asked for her to check me. At 5 am I was at 8 cm. The nurse called the on call room to speak to Dr. Hermann. 15 mins later I was at 10cm with no epidural (since it had stopped working). I did a test push at 5:15 am that is when I was told to stop. Dr. Hermann came rushing into the room 3 pushes later at 5:29 am Joseph was here. 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long of pure joy.

He has been a spunky little monkey. Always on the move and climbing things. I love this little boy so much. Before I had kids, I never thought I could love someone so much. He looks like Thomas and me. When he is serious, I see Thomas all over his face. Then with that twinkle in his eye, big grin, and his dimple showing I see myself. He has a temper but is so loving. Joseph is patient and willing to help with John and around the house.

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