I want to pray for you

I want to pray for you


It seems that I ask so many times for all of y’all to pray for us for something that we are going through. However, this time I want to turn it around and ask “What do YOU need prayers for?”

There are so many things going on in this world that sometimes we don’t stop to think that others may need prayers until we see them say something after they are starting to go through it. Sometimes I feel like everyone just needs a lift of encouragement, hug, shoulder, ear, or even a prayer for whatever is going on in their life. I feel also that sometimes it is hard for me to go to my brothers & sisters in Christ to ask them yet again for another thing to pray for, when we ask for prayers all the time. However, sometimes the feeling of just knowing that someone is praying for you or your situation can help you feel the love & support you need.

You can either post what you want prayers for or say a simple unspoken. However I am going to as well as have my family pray for you if you ask.

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