Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

Some of you may know, I have recently started helping admin a group that is globally known. It is Mom of Trach Babies. This is a support group for parents of trached children. I have been apart of this group for quite some time. However, recently I became apart of the admin team. Since I am the only one of the admin team that is in Texas at this time. The founder, Tonya Boyd, reached out to me to see if I could help with the affected families with medically fragile since I am located in Texas I am working on locating areas that can serve as drop offs from different moms who have extra supplies. Also accepting any supplies I can get from local mommas to get them to those in need.

I know I don’t have a lot of parents of trached children or who maybe medically fragile on friends list via facebook. However, I am hoping with this blog post that I maybe able to reach out to others and also let my friends know what I am trying to do.

Right now there is a specific need from many parents who want to help with getting medical supplies to Texas Hurricane Harvey Victims.  Soon there will be a need with Irma starting to head to the US. The problem that we, Mom of Trach Babies, are having is with funding to get supplies shipped to where they are needed. We have several families that have supplies, but not the money to cover the shipping fees. I don’t typically ask for money to help with things like this. However, children who have a trach need a trach to be able to breathe. (This is just one of many examples.) If you remember my yearly photos with John, then you will know just some of the items that parents may need for their children.

How you can help:  Donate medical supplies or funds!  
If you’d like to make a monetary contribution:

  • We have many trach and medically complex families who have supplies to donate, but not the funds to ship them, We are collecting monetary donations to cover those shipping fees so we can get the supplies to families affect by Hurricane Harvey. You can donate via paypal to,  on our websites home page or below,  We have also now set up a go-fund-me account at the request of our members and the link is

If you have medical supplies to donate: Medical supplies must be unopened, unused, and unexpired.

  • If you live in the U.S. and have surplus supplies you’d like to donate, please let me know and I will work with you to get the supplies where they need to go.

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