Developmental Levels & Traveling

Developmental Levels & Traveling

Sweet John

This is a very over due post. I have just had a very crazy past month with doctor appointments and traveling for a funeral.

First up is John’s results from ECI on where he is developmentally.

Adaptive average is 16 months with a 40% delay. That breaks down to self care he is at a 11 month old and Personal Responsibility at a 21 months.

Personal Social average is 20.7 mons with a 22% delay. That breaks down to Adult interaction 24 months, Peer 16 months, and Self Concept/Social Role 22 months.

Communication is 17 months with a 37% delay. That breaks down to expressive (him verbally speaking) 8 months-70% delay and receptive (understanding) 26 months.

Fine Motor is 31 months but his issue is quality since he doesn’t use his index fingers and still grasps whole handed. We are working adaptive ways for him to hold a utensil or writing utensil.

Cognative is 19.3 months with a 23% delay. Breaking that down Attention & Memory is 13 months, Reason & Acad is 20 months, and Perception & concept is 25 months.

This testing was done at the end of June, before he was offically 28 months. So it has been about a month since he has been tested.

We also met with Dr. Weber, his hand surgeon, as a check up from his hand surgery last year on his left hand. Dr. Weber is impressed with how far he has come. He does want to wait a little bit on his right hand so John can grown a little more. However Dr. Weber also agrees that I am not unreasonable in wanting the bone out eventually (in his left hand) and hopefully before he enters school. Which of course gives us a few years since John is only 2 1/2 yrs old.

Joseph & Alexander

We wrapped up baseball season and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Joseph states he wants to play again next year.

Elizabeth & Me

I took a “Momcation” to see a friend in Illinois. It was fun to get away for 5 days and just be able to relax at the same time. However I did miss my family at the same time. It gave my soul the much needed recharge it needed. Seriously any parent of a special needs child or even young children. Take a night away for yourself or even with a spouse or friend just to have that recharge.

Alabama Welcome Sign

On July 12th my grandfather (my father’s father) passed away from a heart attack. He lived in Alabama. So John, Joseph, my youngest sister (Rachel) and her 2 daughters, my mother and I traveled to Foley, Alabama. We stayed at my Uncle Bryan’s house with his wife. My brother, Bobby, drove down from Indiana with his 2 youngest kids as well. We left Sunday night/Monday morning and arrrived Monday late afternoon.

Uncle Gene & Me
Uncle Gene & Me
Uncle Gene & the boys
Uncle Gene & the boys
Bobby & John
Bobby & Joseph
Bobby & Joseph
Bobby & Me
Bobby & Me
Aiden & Me
Rihanna & Me
Rihanna & Me
Bobby, Me, Rachel & Uncle Bryan
Bobby, Me, Rachel, & Uncle Bryan

Tuesday we went to Gulf Shores Beach just to get out of the house mostly since the funeral and family visitation was Wednesday. The kids loved the beach. John was not a fan of the water however. He just wanted to play in the sand.

John Jordyn

It was a little like a family reunion because I saw family I hadn’t seen since I was a little girl…Uncles, Aunts, Cousins,.. Of course it wasn’t the family reunion you really wanted to gather for.

Alexander went to Pre-teen Camp with our Church. He seemed to really enjoy it. It was his first time going to church camp of course. So as parents we were nervous a little but thought he would enjoy the experience. He says he loved doing the Arts & Crafts, which he has always loved.

Now we are slowly starting to gather everything for Joseph’s 6th birthday party. I can’ believe that he will be 6 in less than 2 weeks. It does not feel like it has been that long. He has requested an American Ninja Warrior themed party. We will be doing mostly water games with the sprinkler, water balloons, and some small pools set up for the kids and a bigger one for the adults to be able to enjoy hopefully.

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