Checkups & Pulmonologist


Let’s talk about Joseph’s 4 yr well check up:

He’s 31 1/2 lbs (13% Percentile) & 3′ 3.5″ tall (31% Percentile)

The doctor thinks it wouldn’t hurt to have a speech therapist evaluate him when he starts pre-school this year. She also recommends having his tonsils removed. He snores and they’re rather larger. His pre-op appointment is scheduled for Sept 18th.

2014-08-10 10.42.37

Now onto John:

He is getting really good at holding up his head, but still tires easily. He’s also working on rolling over. He can get to his side, but stops. Hopefully within the next few weeks he’ll be rolling over.

His appointment with Dr. Chavez, the pulmonologist, was Thursday in Temple. He weighed 11lbs 8oz and was 25″ even. After speaking to the doctor for a little over an hour she has come to the conclusion that he’ll now need oxygen during the night if his O2 levels drop below 93%. So we’ll now need a pulse oximeter that will monitor his oxygen levels. We’ll also be getting an oxygen concentrator for the house and a tank for when we’re traveling. She was very nice and listened to my concerns.

On Monday we’ll meet with his physical therapist.

Looking ahead we have to get the older boys ready for school this year, prepare John for a GI appointment on the 25th, six month shots, and a sleep study on the 26th.

Pray for us. It’s getting cramped.


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