May 13th – Improvement

John gained weight last night. He went from 7lb 7oz to 8lbs 1oz, but he’s still going to need a g-button. He’ll remain on the continuous feed for tonight until 5am, then all food stops. He has an MRI scheduled for 10am and surgery for the g-button implant at noon. He had a swallow study today, and passed. … Read moreMay 13th – Improvement

May 12th – Another Surgery & More Tests

John needs at least 18oz of milk in a day. He’s supposed to have 2oz every 3 hours and whatever he doesn’t finish within 20 minutes will go down his feeding tube. He’ll begin continuous feeds Monday night (tonight) at a rate of 1oz per hour. This will be a daily routine each night from 8p-8a. … Read moreMay 12th – Another Surgery & More Tests

May 11th – G-Button

John - May 11th
John David Miller – May 11th, 2014

Nothing really new today. John’s dayside doctors didn’t calculate his calorie/volume to determine if he’s taking in enough so this will be calculated tonight. They are expecting to make a decision on Monday whether or not he’ll need a “g-button” (surgically implanted feeding tube).

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May 10th – The Garden

John is doing much better. His intake is increasing and he no longer needs additional oxygen. This morning he had lost weight, but the staff believes his tubing was providing false numbers originally. We’re hopeful he begins gaining weight. That’s really all he needs to do right now in order to leave. Pray for weight … Read moreMay 10th – The Garden

May 9th – “Meyii”

John is continuing to improve with his feeds and breathing. We’re still waiting to see how the procedures have affected his weight gain. Thursday (today) was the first full day of his new feeding schedule. He’s currently on IV fluids and oxygen, although both are expected to be decreased and removed within the next few … Read moreMay 9th – “Meyii”

May 8th – Evening Update on John

We decided to use our blog page vs. CaringBridge or Facebook.

John’s breathing tube was finally removed this morning and he was able to eat about 30 mils at around 2:45 this afternoon.

The Speech Pathologist wanted to personally feed him.

He took it well, and now we wait to see

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Family Health Update 5/8/2014

I haven’t said much the past few days. It’s not something I like to do. So… here’s what’s been going on. 1) Baby John has been having weight gain issues since he came home from the hospital the first time. He takes in enough, but for some reason he isn’t gaining weight. Last Friday, he … Read moreFamily Health Update 5/8/2014

John David Miller – Born February 23rd, 2014

John David Miller - Born February 23rd, 2014
John David Miller – Born February 23rd, 2014

I’m late to post. Sorry. John David Miller was born on February 23rd, 2014 at 9:56PM. He weighed 7lbs 2oz.

Normally it’s a joyous occasion, and it was at the beginning, but over the next 24 hours the staff started to be a little “hush, hush” on a series of tests they were running. It’s turns out they were concerned about a few items.

He’s All Smiles

His chin was recessed, his index fingers were curved, and his weight gains were slow. He received genetic testing which came back negative for any of the known issues. He was negative for Down Syndrome or any of the trisomys. Over the next few days, which turned into 2 weeks, he was finally able to come home, but with an apnea monitor as he also suffered from reflux. A home health nurse was also scheduled to come out over the next few weeks.

So with all of the issues we were late to post his birth announcement.