Sleep Study Results

  Joseph started 1st grade this year. He was all excited to go. It seemed like he was trying to tell Thomas, John, & I all to leave the room as soon as we walked in. His most exciting thing from the first day was in Science class was they mixed Lemon soda with pixie … Read moreSleep Study Results

Doctors, Sleep Study & a 6yr old!

August 1st John met with the Trach vent clinic team, which consists of his ENT, pulmonary, trach specialist, speech, & dietitian. ENT Dr. Powitzky was pleased with John. He said everything looked great with his tubes, trach site, the tonsil and adenoid removal. He wants to follow up with John in 3 months unless something … Read moreDoctors, Sleep Study & a 6yr old!

Developmental Levels & Traveling

This is a very over due post. I have just had a very crazy past month with doctor appointments and traveling for a funeral. First up is John’s results from ECI on where he is developmentally. Adaptive average is 16 months with a 40% delay. That breaks down to self care he is at a … Read moreDevelopmental Levels & Traveling