2016 is a Wrap!

2016 is a Wrap!

I happened to be on the phone earlier trying to tie up some loose ends with insurance and such. I was asked some questions and was actually surprised with the answers because honestly it did not feel like that much.

This year alone for John:

216 Therapy appointments

59 Dr appointments

10 Procedures/Surgeries

4 Emergency Room visits

3 Operating Room visits

2 Different stays in the hospital

Yet, this is everyday life for us it seems. Even if we don’t always share every single moment on the blog.

It also shows how much this little boy goes through in just a year time frame. Yet, it does not phase him one bit.

On to some exciting news!!!! John got his Assistive Touch Tablet last week and we were able to get it setup today.



We will be taking our annual family photos and John’s 3rd year photos next weekend. So, be on the look out later next month for our new photos we will be sharing.

Christmas is just a few short days away and as I think back on this past year, I can say I am honestly thankful for all the friends we have, and the new ones we have made. Also, for all of our family members.

I probably won’t update till after the new year.



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