Whenever someone passes it seems that we go back to looking at old photographs and remembering all the different memories we had with them. Then the flood of emotions come like a tidal wave hitting us.

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Grandma and Grandpa Sralla

Some of my memories include:

With my grandpa, as kids when we would see him we would always pull on his retractable key chain. It would annoy him but we always thought it was funny. My grandfather sold Snap-On tools, when we visited we would always want to climb in his truck and look around. Our summer vacations were always planned around when grandpa was going to the Dale Carnegie Conventions. We would all tag along in the van. Every time we visited we would stop in West, TX to get kolaches. The yummy food he would always make while he was visiting or we were visiting him and grandma.

One recipe he would always make that I loved.


Turkey Soup:

Turkey (leftovers from Thanksgiving or Christmas)

Turkey bones

Turkey fat/drippings





He would boil the bones, turkey fat/drippings & water together to make broth. When the broth was made, he would remove the bones, add the rice, celery, and turkey. Cook till the rice was done and the celery was soft. It was always a comfort and so good too.


Grandpa and John
4 Generations
4 Generations


Last Tuesday (Dec 16th) I headed to San Antonio to attend my grandfather’s funeral. He had been battling pancreatic cancer for almost a year now. Wednesday was family night as well as a Baptist service. Thursday morning we had the Catholic Funeral for Grandpa. (Grandpa was a devout Catholic. Grandma is a devout Baptist). Then we buried him after Catholic Mass at the gravesite. It was an extremely sad day for my family. We lost someone we all loved dearly. Please pray for my grandmother and our family.


While we are visiting family in Denison, we were hit with some more devastating news. Today, Sunday (Dec 21st), Thomas’s mother passed away. Janis was just released from Baylor Hospital yesterday and was scheduled to start dialysis in Sherman for her kidney that was donated about 10 years ago. Please be in prayer for Thomas and the rest of his family as well.





I always feel like I am in a rush. Especially with the holidays upon us. I am rushing to get our kids up and off to school, make dinner, clean, John’s appointments,  etc. Rushing from one thing to the next. Exhaustion gnaws at me, demanding me to slow down at times. But how? How can you slow down when there is so much to do and so little time to do it all? I feel like it is impossible.


Thursday 12/11/14 Doctor Appointments:

John’s weight 16lbs 3oz. Also GREAT NEWS….John is FINALLY ON THE GROWTH CHART FOR WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Trach Specialist & ENT

There was some granulation tissue that we put some silver nitrate on to help remove it. Dr. Powitzky (ENT) & Svenja (trach specialist) are both very happy with how he looks with his trach. In 3 months we will go back (March 11th) to have a check up as well as we will get to try a Passy Muir Valve (speaking valve). So we may get to hear some noises/his voice next year as long as he tolerates it. Yay for some good news!!!



Dr. Ramprashad is impressed with his weight gain. He commented on his chubby cheeks. He does want us to keep up the baby food mixed with rice as much as he will tolerate it. Also keep trying to give bottles when we can. Dr. Ramprashad fully believes I understand John’s limits and has no problems with me doing what I can to his feeds and still make sure he will get his calories. We have a follow up appointment in 1 month.



Dr. Chavez is concerned that John is still having apnea events even while on the vent. I addressed the 2 events during the week of Thanksgiving. On Tuesday (11/25) at 4am roughly I was awakened by our night nurse calling for help. John had started to turn blue and we had to bag him via the ambu bag. Also again on Thursday (11/27) about 6am it happened again. The doctor changed some settings on his ventilator. She is debating on ordering another sleep study because it is still obvious when looking at his logs in the ventilator that he is still having apena events. However they are not consistent, so he may go a day with out having any then the following day have several. Her fear would be we have the sleep study and he would not have any that night.

Another thing that may be going on is that John could be having silent reflux which could be causing his apnea events possibly. Basically the reflux is going up but coming back down while sleeping. There would be a medicine he could go on but Dr. Chavez would like to speak to Dr. Ramprashad about this before doing anything.

We have a follow up appointment in 1 month.


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Heaven gained another soul today. My grandfather passed away today. Please pray for peace and comfort for my family especially my grandmother.